15pc of South African adults own cryptocurrency, a report has concluded. Vietnam has the highest cryptocurrency adoption rate (41pc), followed by Indonesia and India (30pc each).

The United Kingdom (UK) has the lowest ownership rate with only 8pc followed by the United States at 9pc and Germany at 11pc, this is according to Finder.com’s Cryptocurrency Ownership Report.

The cryptocurrency global average is 19pc “15% of South African adults report owning cryptocurrency, which might seem high but it’s actually well below the global average of 19.” Finder’s cryptocurrency writer, James Edwards stated.

“Bitcoin is the most popular coin to own with 11pc of all owners opting for the coin followed by Ethereum at 4pc and Ripple at 3pc.

According to the report conducted in only 27 countries, men are much more likely to own cryptocurrency than women. 19pc of men say they own some cryptocurrency, compared to 10pc of women.

Young adults are also the most likely to own cryptocurrency. 17pc of those aged 18-24, 25-34, and 35-44 own cryptocurrency, compared to 13pc of those aged 55-64, 12pc of those 45-54, and 8pc of those 65+.

You can read the full report here.

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