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The weekend is upon us, and PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra subscribers have a bounty of new titles to explore thanks to the recent update. But with so many options, where do you even begin? Here are three fantastic choices to download and conquer over the next few days:

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games) – A Must-Play Western Epic

Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

You’ve likely heard whispers of Red Dead Redemption 2’s greatness. This open-world Western masterpiece from Rockstar Games pushes the boundaries of realism and storytelling in gaming. While a PS5 upgrade remains elusive (unlike Grand Theft Auto V), the PS4 version still stuns visually.

The narrative is a poignant tale of a crumbling outlaw family and the fading ideals of honor in the Wild West’s twilight years.

Gameplay offers the classic Rockstar sandbox experience, letting you carve your path as cowboy Arthur Morgan in the single-player story or venture online with Red Dead Online. With millions of copies sold, there’s a good chance you’ve already experienced this masterpiece. But if not, this long weekend and PS Plus access provide the perfect opportunity.

[Available on PS4, also playable on PC and Xbox One]

2. Watch Dogs (Ubisoft) – Celebrate a Hacking Pioneer’s 10th Anniversary

Watch Dogs | Ubisoft (US)

Watch Dogs may embody familiar Ubisoft open-world tropes, but it holds a special place as the charming origin story of a hacker revolution.

Released in 2014, the game’s ability to hack elements of the open world and scan NPC data felt groundbreaking. While sequels expand on the formula, there’s a certain magic in revisiting the birth of these ideas.

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This title also boasts a unique Chicago setting – while geographically inaccurate, it captures the city’s mood and vibe perfectly. With Watch Dogs’ 10th anniversary approaching on May 27th, there’s no better time to jump back in and experience the genesis of a Ubisoft hallmark series.

[Available on PS4, also released on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U]



EA SPORTS™ FC 24 is likely the successor to the popular FIFA video game series, following EA’s partnership conclusion with FIFA. This title presumably carries the torch of offering a realistic and immersive association football experience.

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