Kenya’s mobile data scene is experiencing a high-speed transformation, with nearly half of its subscribers now using 4G networks. This explosive growth, driven by infrastructure expansion and affordable data plans, is reshaping the way Kenyans connect and consume information. This marks a significant increase from just 26% in 2020, highlighting the rapid pace of 4G penetration in the East African nation.

4G, or fourth-generation wireless, is a type of technology that provides faster and more reliable internet connections compared to its predecessor, 3G.

Data on the Uptick:

  • 48.5%: As of September 2023, a remarkable 48.4% of Kenyan mobile data subscribers were accessing the internet through 4G networks, according to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK). This represents a staggering increase from just 15.2% in 2019, highlighting the rapid adoption of faster internet speeds.
  • Data Traffic Soars: The surge in 4G usage is mirrored by a corresponding rise in data traffic. Total mobile data usage in Kenya reached 2.8 billion GB in June 2023, a 55% increase from the same period in 2022 with Kenyans consuming 377.8 million gigabytes of data in three months of the year to September. This demonstrates the growing demand for high-bandwidth applications like streaming, video conferencing, and online gaming.
  • 3G Fades: Meanwhile, 3G subscriptions are steadily declining, This trend reflects the natural shift towards faster and more reliable 4G technology.

This rise in 4G users is driven by several factors. The increasing affordability of 4G-enabled smartphones has made the technology more accessible to Kenyans. Additionally, growing data consumption fueled by streaming services, social media, and online browsing has created a strong demand for faster, more reliable internet access.

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This coincides with the fact that smartphones have overtaken feature phones for the first time in the Kenyan market. Kenyans owned 32.6 million smartphones compared to 32 million feature phones as of September.

With 4G data traffic increasing by 148% year-on-year in 2023, Kenya’s 4G revolution is poised to continue. As the 5G horizon beckons, the country stands well-positioned to leverage its current 4G gains to propel itself into the next era of hyper-connected digital life.

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