Advancements in technology have worked wonders for us. A wide variety of things we considered impossible several years ago are now very much possible. One of them is searching for faces online. Of course, faces are not as unique as the fingerprints of individuals, but they are still very helpful when searching for a person. The productive use of AI, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision has enabled the technological landscape to provide us with a brilliant facial recognition solution.

Facial recognition can be termed as a subset of reverse image search. While the reverse photo search focuses on the entire content of a visual or image, facial recognition focuses entirely on the face or faces featured in an image. However, some image finders can also help you search for faces and details about the person featured in the image. It can also help you find doppelgangers of your favorite celebrity or yourself.

We have included details about such utilities or search engines that can help you do it quickly. Further details about these fascinating search engines that allow you to search for faces are below. 

Read on to know more.

  • Google Images

Think of online search, and the first thing that comes to your mind is Google. It is the largest search engine that allows you to search websites, documents, books, videos, and images. Regarding images, Google offers a dedicated search engine named Google Images to search for images online. This image search engine allows you to search for similar visual content online by uploading an image as a reference or entering a valid URL of an image.

Smartphone users can also access Google Images search results with the help of the Google Lens app. In addition, frequent updates in the algorithm working behind the Google photo search engine have made it capable of accounting for everything featured in the given image, including faces. Hence, if you are searching for a face featured in a given image and want more details about it, then Google Images can help you a lot.

  • Yandex

Yandex is a search engine like Google, but the characteristic that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd is its highly efficient reverse image search capability. In some cases, it is more likely to provide you with more accurate and precise visual search results than other photo search engines. You can also use it to search for faces, and the chances are you will get excellent results from it.

When we talk about reverse photo lookup and, consequently, facial recognition, Yandex holds a significant position in the category of search engines. You can easily access it on the web from your mobile or desktop device and upload an image that features a face or multiple faces. This fantastic search engine will bring valuable results to your display.

  • DupliChecker

Do you want to see results from all renowned reverse image search platforms in one place, or do you prefer to perform the reverse photo search on every single platform yourself? You will opt for the first option. However, you may think, how is it possible? Well, this is possible with the reverse image search facility offered by DupliChecker. It is a well-known website that provides various tools helpful for students, professionals, and individuals from various backgrounds.

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Its photo finder is one of its kind as well. It can bring your visual search results from various platforms like Google Images, Yandex, and Bing Visual search. Thus, making the process easier for you. Search by image on this platform and get search results from all the relevant platforms easily. Moreover, its convenient interface makes it easy to use.

  • Pinterest

It is a platform that allows image sharing through pins. A great thing about Pinterest is its ability to help you search for faces with its reverse image search feature. You can use a pre-uploaded pin to search for a face or upload a photo from your device to find it on Pinterest. The reverse photo search feature on Pinterest will scan, segment, map, and identify the face to deliver results (if available).

  • TinEye

Another efficient image search engine that can help you search for faces is TinEye. It has gathered a lot of appreciation from users lately. The working of this search engine is quite simple and basic. The user needs to upload an image and search for visually similar results. If you are looking for a similar face and its relevant details on the web, it can help you and provide accurate results. A great thing about TinEye is its ability to skip redundant images and offer direct links to pages where the image is available.

  • BetaFace

This utility is new in the category but delivers surprising results because its algorithm compares 22 basic and 101 pro facial features. Additionally, it allows users to filter the color preferences and resolution to make it easier for them. Moreover, it allows you to upload bulk images for better facial search results. As a result, you may see a significant delay in the display of search results, but it is worth it if you want to see the best results.

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