Betting tips scammers

They’re on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and sometimes they are even in your DM’s, they post screenshots of thousands of shillings in winnings every other week enticing young and jobless youth to go seeking betting tips which they will then offer at a charge, here’s how to spot sports betting tips scammers in the African Techspace.

Netizens on Twitter have today exposed a Kabarak based tipster (Gideorlah) for posting a fake winning bet slip which he claimed to have won over Sh500,000 on a popular betting site after picking sides in the ongoing Euro 2020 tournament. 

Outraged, netizens who noticed that the bet slip was fake called out the self-proclaimed punter for using such tricks to lure innocent youth into buying fake betting tips. People who had lacked courage after being conned found some and have since come forward revealing how the now exposed punter finessed them.

Here are a few reactions from Twitter:


6 Easy Ways to Spot Betting Tips Scammers

  • They charge you for the tips

The first bloody red flag is charging you for tips. These scammers will have enticing deals like pay 50pc before and 50pc after the bet they provide you with bet wins.

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These scammers know you won’t come back twice so they also charge Premium exorbitant prices for their services.

  • They always post Screenshots after winning 

If you only see screenshots of won bets from your favorite punter, I am sorry to tell you they are fake, these screenshots are only used to lure you into buying their tips.

  • They win huge sums of money every other week

No company runs a loss-making business, from time to time, bookmakers will decide to limit customers’ accounts that are winning too much, in fact, this is the most popular reason why betting accounts end up being limited. (I didn’t even know this)

So if a person claims to win thousands of shillings every week, they are scammers.

  • They ask you to pay in foreign currency

If your tipster wants you to pay for their services in foreign currency, they may be hiding their identity from you. High chances are they will block you immediately you make the payment, most don’t even award you the common courtesy of giving you a random tip! I have healed

  • They provide high HT/FT Odds

Are they offering fixed matches, correct score tips, or Half Time / Full-Time odds that promise to make you instantly rich? yeah, SCAM!

  • Punter Websites 

In the recent past, these fake tipsters are creating websites that offer free single bets and entice people with better odds with a paywall. Yes, you guessed it, SCAM!

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