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7-Eleven launches Plant-Based HOTSHOT counters for tasty meat-free meals on the go

Three specially selected HOTSHOT counters are going plant-based and offering meat-free breakfasts and meals for a limited-time only. All-new Korean and Taiwanese-inspired 7-SELECT plant-based treats are also being launched throughout 7-Eleven. Living a plant-based lifestyle has never been so easy!


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 9 September 2021 – For those looking to lead a more flexitarian lifestyle, 7-Eleven is introducing an all-new and tasty meat-free menu, so you can now enjoy plant-based treats even during busy workdays. HOTSHOT counters in three specially selected stores will offer a fully plant-based menu for a limited time only – the breakfast menu features a variety of delicious plant-based options including Plant-Based Beef with Satay Sauce Noodles, Plant-Based Shaomais with Mushrooms, and Rice Vermicelli with Taiwanese Plant-Based Braised Pork Sauce. Made using plant-based meat, they taste just as good as the real thing! And with so many options to choose from, you can now create your very own hassle-free meatless meal to go!


Hong Kong Style Oat Milk Tea (Hot $11/Iced $13) is also launching at all HOTSHOT counters at 7-Eleven stores. Made with OATLY oat milk, this rich and creamy drink will be sure to please! What’s more, if you visit any of the three special plant-based HOTSHOT stores, you can enjoy the full 7CAFÉ coffee menu made with OATLY oat milk at the usual price (Hot drinks $14/Iced drinks $16). The perfect pairing for your plant-based meal!


Plant-Based HOTSHOT Store Addresses:

1. Shop Nos. G506-G507, Ning On Mansion, Stage V, Taikoo Shing, Island East, Hong Kong

2. Shop B1, G/F, Far East Bank Mongkok Building, No. 244 Portland Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon

3. Shop Nos. 56-57, G/F, Harbour Crystal Centre, No.100 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

New & Yummy Plant-Based Treats

Five brand-new additions are joining the 7-SELECT Plant-Based menu giving you even more choice anytime, anywhere! All items are using plant-based meat that tastes like and have the texture of the real meal. Choose from Korean and Taiwanese foods such as the 7-SELECT Plant-Based Meat Jajang Korean Roll, Taiwanese Onigiri with Plant-Based Meat Floss Fried Dough Stick and Spicy Mustard Tuber, Taiwanese Onigiri with Plant-Based Meat Sauce, Braised Egg and Preserved Radish, and Taiwanese Style Braised Rice with Plant-Based Meat and Mushroom .  Completing the line-up is the 7-SELECT Satay Plant-Based Beef Sandwich – a Hong Kong cha chaan teng classic reimagined with a plant-based twist! These guilt-free delights are now available at a 7-Eleven near you to enjoy whenever, wherever!

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For more details, please refer to the below table:

* Prices may change without prior notice. The product price at the store shall prevail .


7-SELECT Plant-Based Meat Jajang Korean Roll ($20)


Using meat-free jajang sauce which directly sourced from Korea. Together with and plant-based meat, bring you the classic Korean Jajang Roll in plant-based meat style!

7-SELECT Taiwanese Onigiri with Plant-Based Meat Floss Fried Dough Stick and Spicy Mustard Tuber ($18)


This rich and tangy Taiwanese Onigiri  features soft and fluffy plant-based meat floss made from soy protein, deep fried dough stick and spicy pickled mustard tuber.

7-SELECT Taiwanese Onigiri with Plant-Based Meat Sauce, Braised Egg and Preserved Radish ($18)


By using traditional Taiwanese braised egg and plant-based meat sauce, it may re-define your concept and texture of plant-based meat. Grab and Go!


7-SELECT Taiwanese Style Braised Rice with Plant-Based Meat and Mushroom ($28.5)


This Taiwanese-inspired dish is made using plant-based meat derived from soy protein, Chinese mushrooms and seasoned with an authentic sauce featuring vegetarian oyster sauce, shallot sauce and five spice powder.


7-SELECT Satay Plant-Based Beef Sandwich ($20)


This soft sandwich is filled with plant-based beef – made using chickpeas, quinoa and lentils – from Korea that has been quickly fried in a plant-based satay sauce. Slightly spicy and nutty, this sandwich will cure all hunger cravings! You can even warm it up in the microwave for 20 seconds to further bring out the flavours.



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