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Popular microblogging platform Twitter has grown massively boasting over 330 million users which means whether you’re a brand looking for a wider audience or just a social media enthusiast, you use the site.

In this article, I will outline 8 amazingly cool Twitter tricks and tips that will better your overall experience:

1. Change Tweeting Account Easily

Starting off simple, if you are a manage more than one Twitter account, chances are that you’ve found yourself composing a tweet that belongs to one of your accounts on the wrong one, instead of deleting and backing out of the composer you can double-tap on your profile picture icon and select one of the logged-in accounts on the app.

2. Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts on desktop 

Starting off simple, if you use Twitter for web, the platform provides you with a list of amazing keyboard shortcuts to help save time.

To find them, on the left sidebar at, simply click more and select keyboard shortcuts.

3. Beat the 280-character limit with an image

Whenever celebrities or brands want to issue a statement on Twitter, they write the statements, (often apologies) on other platforms like the iPhone notes app or Facebook and share a screenshot of the same on Twitter.

This is used if you can’t fit your message into Twitter’s 280-character limit.

If you are managing a brand, take the opportunity to add branding so that if the image is shared separately from the Tweet, it will still have attribution.

4. Change your feed order

In 2018, Twitter changed its feed to display top tweets first, however, if you prefer having your feed in chronological order, you can still switch back.

How to do it:
1. Tap the star icon in the upper right corner.
2. Select See latest Tweets instead

5. Unroll a thread

Do you want to read a Twitter thread as one blog post? Simply reply on a thread with “@threadreaderapp unroll” and a bot will respond with a link to the unrolled text.

6. Organize your feed with lists

Do you keep someone retweeting or replying to your tweets even though they don’t follow you? They probably have you on one of their lists.

Say you want to spy on a brand competitor without following them, Twitter lets you add anyone to lists meaning you can group and track your competitors by simply creating a private list and adding them.

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How to add someone to a Twitter list:

  1. Click your profile icon.
  2. Select Lists.
  3. Click the icon in the lower right.
  4. Create a name for the list and add a description.
  5. Add Twitter users to your list.
  6. Set your list to private (only visible to you) or public (anyone can see and subscribe).

7. Twitter’s advanced search

Twitter gives you a list of cool tools to use on their platform. One such tool is advanced search. You can take advantage of advanced search settings to narrow down your results.

How to do it:
1. Enter a search query.
2. Click the three dots in the top left.
3. Click Advanced search.

8. Use search operators to filter results

These are shortcuts for advanced search settings. The available operators are:

Operator Finds Tweets…
watching now containing both “watching” and “now”. This is the default operator.
“happy hour” containing the exact phrase “happy hour”.
love OR hate containing either “love” or “hate” (or both).
beer -root containing “beer” but not “root”.
#haiku containing the hashtag “haiku”.
from:interior sent from Twitter account “interior”.
list:NASA/astronauts-in-space-now sent from a Twitter account in the NASA list astronauts-in-space-now
to:NASA a Tweet authored in reply to Twitter account “NASA”.
@NASA mentioning Twitter account “NASA”.
politics filter:safe containing “politics” with Tweets marked as potentially sensitive removed.
puppy filter:media containing “puppy” and an image or video.
puppy -filter:retweets containing “puppy”, filtering out retweets
puppy filter:native_video containing “puppy” and an uploaded video, Amplify video, Periscope, or Vine.
puppy filter:periscope containing “puppy” and a Periscope video URL.
puppy filter:vine containing “puppy” and a Vine.
puppy filter:images containing “puppy” and links identified as photos, including third parties such as Instagram.
puppy filter:twimg containing “puppy” and a link representing one or more photos.
hilarious filter:links containing “hilarious” and linking to URL.
puppy url:amazon containing “puppy” and a URL with the word “amazon” anywhere within it.
superhero since:2015-12-21 containing “superhero” and sent since date “2015-12-21” (year-month-day).
puppy until:2015-12-21 containing “puppy” and sent before the date “2015-12-21”.
movie -scary 🙂 containing “movie”, but not “scary”, and with a positive attitude.
flight 🙁 containing “flight” and with a negative attitude.
traffic ? containing “traffic” and asking a question.

Find more details and search operators here

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