The A Billion Start-Ups Program recently held a Learners and Experts Meet-Up at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), aiming to empower aspiring founders and boost Kenya’s thriving startup scene.

This event connected aspiring entrepreneurs with seasoned industry veterans, fostering a crucial exchange of knowledge. This knowledge sharing is vital in a continent where the average startup failure rate sits at 54%, according to Statista.

Kenya, however, bucks the trend with a significantly lower failure rate of 24%. This success is attributed in part to robust support systems offered by both the government and private sector initiatives like A Billion Start-Ups.

“Platforms like A Billion Start-Ups are crucial for learning, networking, and positioning your brand for excellence,” said Avril, a program participant and founder of My Everything by Avril.

Founded in 2017, A Billion Start-Ups Program places a strong emphasis on building the capacity of youth and women-led startups. It fosters a supportive community while preparing entrepreneurs for potential capital investment.

“In today’s competitive environment, a strong support system is paramount,” said Mary Njoki, Founder of A Billion Start-Ups Program. “Guidance from experienced mentors can be the game-changer.”

By connecting aspiring founders with industry experts and fostering a collaborative environment, A Billion Start-Ups Program is actively cultivating a successful Kenyan entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The program currently supports 30 entrepreneurs across various industries. By empowering these aspiring business leaders, A Billion Start-Ups Program contributes to Kenya’s economic growth and fosters a culture of innovation.

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