Access Bank, a leading African financial institution, has launched the fifth edition of its Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton programme. The programme is designed to empower female entrepreneurs across Africa by providing them with access to finance, business training, and mentoring opportunities.

The Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton programme is open to female entrepreneurs who have been running their businesses for at least one year and have at least 50% female ownership. Applicants must also be between the ages of 18 and 55.

The programme will offer a number of benefits to successful applicants, including:

  • free mini-MBA certification from the Lagos Business School
  • Financial grants of up to N17 million (~$39,000)
  • Access to business coaching and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Opportunities to network with other female entrepreneurs

The application process for the Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton programme is now open and will close on August 11, 2023. Interested applicants can find more information and apply online at www.womenpreneur.ng.

Why This Programme is Important

The Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton programme is important because it provides much-needed support to female entrepreneurs across Africa. Women are underrepresented in the business world, and they often face challenges accessing finance, training, and mentorship. The Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton programme helps to level the playing field for female entrepreneurs and gives them the resources they need to succeed.

The Impact of the Programme

The Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton programme has had a significant impact on the businesses of its participants. In the programme’s first four editions, over 300 women entrepreneurs have received mini-MBA certification, financial grants, and business coaching. These women have used the programme’s resources to grow their businesses, create jobs, and contribute to the economic development of their communities.

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How You Can Get Involved

If you are a female entrepreneur who is looking for support to grow your business, the Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton programme is a great opportunity for you. The programme is open to women entrepreneurs from all over Africa, and it offers a variety of benefits that can help you take your business to the next level.

To apply for the programme, visit www.womenpreneur.ng. The application process is simple and easy to follow.

I encourage you to apply for the Womenpreneur Pitch-a-ton programme if you are a female entrepreneur who is looking for support to grow your business. The programme has helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs across Africa, and it can help you too.

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