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Admazes Celebrates a Year of Bountiful Success at the DigiZ Awards 2023

HONG KONG SAR Media OutReach 19 October 2023 – Admazes Limited (, pioneer in marketing technology solutions, is celebrating it’s monumental achievement as they have received four prestigious DigiZ Awards, presented by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE on the 15 September, 2023 in recognition of their exceptional contributions to the field.

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Being awarded the Best Ad-tech Tool (Bronze); Best Data Analytics (Silver); Best Marketing Automation Platform (Bronze) and Best Mar Tech Team (Silver). Admazes has consistently demonstrate innovation, leadership and outstanding performance in the ever-evolving MarTech landscape.

Mr Gerald Ho, Director of Admazes, said: “We are thrilled to receive the mentioned awards, they are testaments to the collective effort and unwavering dedication of our talented team. This recognition will certainly motivate the team to continue in developing cutting-edge solutions and to keep ourselves at the forefront of the industry.”

Mr Lobo Yeung, Director of Admazes, shared: “We believe that staying ahead of the competition requires more than just innovation strategies. Our commitment in incorporating big data analytics, trend analysis, NLP and LLM technologies is rooted in the company’s desire to empower marketers with the tools needed to succeed in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

Revolutionizing Customer Engagement with Customer Data Platform

Admazes has spearheaded a groundbreaking transformation in customer engagement through the implementation of cutting-edge Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). By unifying data from multiple data sources, including online and offline interactions, Admazes equips brands to achieve a holistic and comprehensive understanding of each customer. This invaluable insight empowers brands to craft highly personalized marketing strategies, curate tailored product recommendations, and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Data Warehouses Enhance Data-Driven Decision-Making

In addition to the CDP approach, Admazes has invested heavily in a robust Data Warehouse solution. This powerful tool aggregates, stores, and processes vast amounts of data, empowering the team to provide data-driven solutions swiftly. Armed with a deep understanding of historical data and real-time insights, the company gains a competitive edge in identifying market trends and responding proactively to customer needs.

Personalization at Scale

Embracing Machine Learning, Admazes has revolutionized marketing. Predictive models driven by algorithms and data analysis anticipate customer behaviours, enabling highly personalized and precise ad targeting. This results in end-to-end and 1:1 marketing activation – comprehensive and individualized marketing campaigns that enhance customer experiences.

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Supporting Employee’s Professional Development and Well-being

Admazes emphasizes on cultivating an exceptional working environment that nurtures innovation. Gerald and Lobo, cloud tech experts and digital marketing enthusiasts actively share their extensive industry knowledge and expertise in industry events and supporting the team remains at the forefront of the ever-changing marketing landscape. They prioritize employee opportunities, such as attending international exhibitions like AI Expo Taiwan and Asia Smartsheet Aligned Partner Bootcamp in Thailand, to foster collaboration and drive innovation.

The team has also advanced their skills, earning certifications in Google Cloud, Google Ads, and more, bolstering their expertise in the fast-paced digital marketing and tech industry. Admazes also prioritizes employee well-being and teamwork, fostering bonds through activities like boxing classes and local volunteer work.

A Promising Future Ahead

Establishing a prominent position in the MarTech industry, Admazes is poised to continue driving innovation and making significant contributions to the industry. Admazes wishes to express its profound gratitude to MARKETING INTERACTIVE for the recognition and appreciation to its clients and partners for their trust and collaboration.
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About Admazes

Admazes is a trustworthy digital marketing agency and data technology provider. As a member of official Google Cloud and Google Ads Partners, we demonstrate rich experience in digital strategy and provide high quality full range digital services to our customers. In addition, we deeply invest in Data and A.I. technology. With our proven results, we are a recognised award winning technology provider. Our mission is to apply marketing technology to our clients and transform their business to new heights. Other than Google Cloud and Google Ads, we are official partners of various MarTech and Cloud vendors such as Adobe, Looker, Snowflake, HEVO, Mixpanel, Freshworks, Optimizely, Talend,, etc.

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