Norrsken22 Accelerator Program

Norrsken22, a leading Pan-African venture capital firm committed to empowering early-stage tech startups, is excited to announce the opening of applications for its prestigious Norrsken22 Accelerator Program.

This dynamic, three-month intensive offers high-growth African startups the opportunity to secure up to $125,000 in funding, intensive mentorship, and invaluable access to a global network of unicorn founders and top investors.

Fueling Growth for Africa’s Tech Champions:

Launched in November 2023 with a $205 million debut fund, Norrsken22’s mission is to bridge the gap between Series A and B investments, specifically targeting ambitious ventures poised for exponential growth. The Accelerator Program embodies this focus, providing selected startups with a potent blend of resources designed to propel them toward sustainable success:

  • Upfront Funding: Each accepted venture receives up to $125,000 in non-dilutive funding, alleviating financial constraints and fueling critical growth initiatives.
  • Expert Mentorship: Renowned unicorn founders and seasoned industry veterans share their invaluable expertise, guiding startups through strategic decision-making and navigating market challenges.
  • Global Network Access: Participants tap into Norrsken22’s extensive network of investors, partners, and influential figures, unlocking doors to potential partnerships and funding opportunities.
  • Tailored Training: Program modules provide targeted workshops and training sessions focused on critical areas like fundraising, go-to-market strategies, and product development.
  • Collaborative Ecosystem: Startups benefit from a dynamic cohort of like-minded peers, fostering knowledge sharing, support, and valuable networking opportunities.

Targeting Disruptive Solutions

The Norrsken22 Accelerator Program prioritizes ventures tackling critical challenges and propelling positive change across Africa. Startups operating in various sectors, including fintech, healthcare, education, and agriculture, are encouraged to apply if their solutions demonstrate:

  • High Growth Potential: A clear vision for achieving significant market traction and disrupting their respective industries.
  • Technology-Driven Innovation: Leveraging technology to develop scalable and impactful solutions addressing real-world needs.
  • Strong Team and Execution: A passionate and capable founding team with a proven track record of execution and delivering results.
  • Positive Impact: Commitment to generating a positive social or environmental impact within Africa.
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If your startup embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and seeks to revolutionize the African landscape, the Norrsken22 Accelerator Program presents an unparalleled opportunity. Applications are open from January 12, 2024, to February 16, 2024. Visit for program details and to submit your application.

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