Airbnb, the renowned online marketplace for lodging and tourism experiences, has announced a significant investment of $500,000 to enhance tourism sustainability in Africa. This initiative, known as the “Africa Pledge,” aims to foster inclusive and sustainable tourism growth across the continent.

A Commitment to Economic Empowerment and Sustainability

The funds will be committed to non-profit organizations in Africa that support economic empowerment, digital access, and sustainability. Airbnb will collaborate with local stakeholders to identify organizations that should be considered for awards. The grants will be distributed by the Airbnb Community Fund.

Unlocking New Tourism Opportunities

Over the next two years, the pledge will assist governments and tourism organizations across Africa in identifying and unlocking new tourism opportunities. This includes supporting hosts, guests, their communities, empowering the next generation of tourism entrepreneurs, and backing investment in the tourism ecosystem.

A Significant Economic Impact

An Economic Impact Report released last week revealed that Airbnb contributed more than R23.5 billion to the South African economy in 2022. This contribution supported almost 50,000 jobs, more than doubling its contribution to the growth of inclusive tourism since 2019.

A Sustainable Future for African Tourism

“This pledge is an important demonstration of Airbnb’s continued commitment to a truly sustainable, diverse, and inclusive tourism industry – a travel economy for all,” said Velma Corcoran, Regional Lead of Middle East Africa at Airbnb.

The launch of the pledge builds on Airbnb’s ongoing commitment to inclusive tourism in South Africa. It also aligns with its recent proposals for new rules aimed at building a more inclusive tourism economy.

In conclusion, Airbnb’s investment is a significant step towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for African tourism. It’s an exciting time for all stakeholders involved in this sector.

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