Veteran investigative journalist, John Allan Namu’s Africa Uncensored, together with the Catapult Agency, and Baraza Lab have teamed up to create an over-the-top platform dubbed Shahara.

Shahara will be an online platform where creatives can earn by providing content to subscribers.

The Platform is called Shahara. Inspired by the Swahili word Mshahara, it derives its meaning from its purpose, which is to enable people in the creative economy including producers, content creators, journalists, writers, photographers, and other storytellers to earn revenue directly from their content.

Already, award-winning content creator, Wabosha Maxine, has partnered with Shahara to release her first-ever podcast “A Letter to My Younger Self”. The podcast is hosted on the Shahara platform – which is both web and mobile-based – at a fee of sh100 for Wabosha’s episode and you get the other 8 episodes free.

Shahara will offer producers, content creators, journalists, writers, photographers, and other content creators money earned.

Namu is optimistic that the earnings will help sustain the creatives in their production work. The Shahara platform is in its Beta testing phase, starting first with their video offering, however, you can sign up to become a content creator on Shahara by emailing them

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