Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of, Inc., has today launched a new development center in Nairobi, Kenya. This significant move is set to bolster AWS’s global operations and provide local businesses with enhanced support services.

The AWS Development Centre in Nairobi has been inaugurated by Kenya’s President, William Ruto, Megan Whiteman, the US Ambassador to Kenya, Amazon officials, and other government representatives. This marks a new chapter in Kenya’s tech industry, positioning the country as a key player in the global tech scene.

What Does the AWS Development Centre Offer?

The Amazon Development Center (ADC) serves as a hub for essential operations, including software development, support services, retail functions, and more. It acts as the company’s foundation, generating the primary revenue stream.

ADCs are spread worldwide. The specific functions and roles of an ADC can vary depending on its location and purpose within the Amazon organization. The ADC in Nairobi will host engineers to support companies that use AWS services.

A Boost for Local Talent

The initial batch of engineers working at the Center were previously based in Cape Town, South Africa where the company operates a similar facility. This move not only brings global tech expertise to Nairobi but also opens up opportunities for local talent to contribute to AWS’s global operations.

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