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If like me you love to sideload apps — it’s actually why I stay on the Android ecosystem— I have some bad news for you. android 13 which is now officially in beta testing brings a shocking new security change that will eliminate all accessibility functionalities from sideloaded applications.

First reported by Esper, the feature will block sideloading of apps through the API, users on Android 13 will get a notification that says accessibility settings are no longer available for that particular application.

Why? To enhance users’ security.

Previously, the Android API has been pretty open in terms of outreach and capabilities. However, this API has often been abused by hackers leading to the change, speculatively of course.

The new feature will solely affect APK files, instead of all those being launched through third-party application stores.

This will enable users to verify their identity while giving access to the new security functionality.

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