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Inspired by Google TV, the Android TV interface on your devices is changing, The arrival of Following a redesign, more features are coming over to Android TV, including support for the watchlist and more.

Google is delivering three new features to devices, such as the Nvidia Shield, various Hisense, and Sony TVs, and basically, everything that isn’t a Chromecast.

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First,  Android TV will now get access to your Google account Watchlist. You’ll see your current watchlist as a row on a new “Discover” tab. As for adding new content to the watchlist, any content shown on the Android TV “Discover” tab will show an “Add to Watchlist” option upon a long-press.

You can now keep track of all your discoveries by adding them to your watchlist. If you find a show or movie you’d like to save for later, add it to your watchlist either by long-pressing on it from the Discover tab and selecting “Add to Watchlist” or pressing the “Watchlist” button from the details page. Your watchlist will appear as a row on the Discover tab, and you can add and remove shows and movies from your watchlist from other devices, like your phone or laptop, using Google Search or the Google TV mobile app.

Also coming over from Google TV is the ability to “tune” your recommendations. As shown below, this Tinder-like option lets you say you like or don’t like a specific movie or TV show. Those choices will then be used to improve your recommendations on the “Discover” tab.

Finally, Google is also adding “Immersive Detail Pages” to Android TV. These are essentially trailers that will play on the home screen when you access certain content. This feature can be turned off in the Settings however

We’ve updated detail pages with a more cinematic experience. Trailers are easy to access right from the page and will now play automatically if available. If you’d like to turn them off, you can go to Settings > Device Preferences > Home Screen and turn off “Enable video previews”.

Google says that these updates are rolling out starting “this week.”

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