soundcore space q45 review

The Anker Soundcore Space Q45 attempts to bring high-quality active noise canceling (ANC) to the average consumer for cheap. Well, we have reviewed it in detail in this article with both its pros and cons highlighted impartially so that you can make an informed decision.


Checking out @ankerofficial Souncore Q45. Are they value for money?

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The Soundcore Q45 comes in a hard shell case which is very well built and protects the headphones while traveling and stores the Q45 neatly making it easy to carry them around. The headphones themselves look solid in the hands, we got a nice dark black matte finish one with slight hints of dark blue that goes very well with the space theme.

Let’s get this out of the way, I am not a huge headphone guy, I’d rather stick my Enco Air in my ears and that’s it, So when I first put on the headphones, they were a tad bit uncomfortable and cumbersome, I doubt if you wear headphones daily this will be an issue.

The Q45 has similar round-shaped earcups that Soundcore had used in previous headphones, the earcups are rotatable in one direction to be able to fold and the cushions used are soft and padded adequately with a depth of 19.05mm. They feel comfortable even for long hours of usage and the headband can also expand to make the experience more pleasant (if your head is gigantic.)

anker q45


The Anker Soundcore Space Q45 headphones have a noise cancellation (NC) button on the left earpiece, as well as a USB type-C charging port and power button. The power button can also be used to pair the headphones with Bluetooth devices, and the headphones are capable of multi-pairing, allowing you to connect two devices at once. The volume up/down and play/pause buttons are located on the right earpiece, and there is also a 3.5mm audio jack for easy connection to your smartphone or laptop.

Soundcore Space Q45 Review

The Q45 headphones from Soundcore offer a seamless wireless connection, Soundcore also has an app that allows you to set various modes, such as normal and transparency mode, as well as customize the ambient sound switching order of the NC button. The app also provides timely updates to improve sound quality and fix any software issues.


On paper, the Q45 headphones from Soundcore are equipped with 40mm double-layered metal ceramic diaphragm drivers, but how does that translate to real life? Well the ANC headphones provided a quiet sound stage and impressive bass and sub-bass. Whether we were listening to music, watching movies, or playing some Warzone 2.0, the Q45 delivered a rich and immersive audio experience. I absolutely loved it!

Now, what about Noise Canceling? First of all, getting active noise canceling at this price and having it this good was wild to me, the likes of the Sony MX5 and Airpods Max do it for double and 4 times the price respectively! The Q45s ANC works like magic.

The Q45 uses 3 stage noise canceling system which blocks about 98% of the outside noise all the while giving you 50 hours of battery. Dare to turn off the ANC and you get 65hrs! for comparison the far more expensive XM5s give you 20 hours.

soundcore q45 review


This is value, if you are in the market for a high-quality ANC pair of headphones, this are your go-to, are there better headphones out there? Definitely. Are they better value? The Soundcore Space Q45 headphones from Soundcore offer a high-quality audio experience at a more affordable price than the Sony XM series. With excellent active noise cancellation (ANC) and impressive sound quality, the Q45 are a great value for those who want a high-performance listening experience without breaking the bank.

You can pick up the Soundcore Space Q45 for Sh18,500 on Essential Accessories Kenya right now!

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Anker Soundcore Space Q45


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