Anonymous, the decentralized international activist- and hacktivist collective and movement, has hacked the Central Bank of Russia keeping the promise to commence cyberwar against the country.

According to reports, over 35,000 files have been compromised and are in the possession of Anonymous. The group has said it will release the files within 48 hours.

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While it is not certain the nature of files Anonymous have in their custody, the group has hinted that they are documents with ‘secret agreements.’

Russia’s Central Bank has been working assiduously to keep the Russian economy afloat amid the flood of sanctions imposed by Western powers following the invasion of Ukraine.

Anonymous in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The group also claims to have remotely accessed unsecured printers across the country to print out ‘anti-propaganda’ messages about the war across the border.

It has reportedly carried out a mass “Print Attack” in which it has sent over 100,000 print copies to Russian citizens with messages against war and how to bypass censorship in the country

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