pb power pbpower solar factory app

Allegedly launched in May 2021 as a way for young unemployed Kenyans to make money on their mobile devices by performing short tasks and getting paid, however, just like the many other similar applications we have covered here, this was an elaborate plan to scam Kenyans.

Mainly popular in Mombasa County, the app worked similar to other apps that have previously scammed Kenyans, you can visit this link to see how the Ponzi schemes work. The gist of it is to make money by referring other people, you could also buy higher tiers to make more money per person joined and have more tasks.

According to some posts I have seen on the web, there were 9 tiers namely VIP 0 to VIP 8, VIP 0 was free, VIP 1 was Sh800 with a promised return of Sh10 with VIP 8 topping off at Sh150,000 promising Sh13,200 return daily.

The app has since been removed from the play store and Kenyans who had invested their hard-earned money are wailing and asking for the government to intervene.

PB Power App is a big scam! Many other websites and mobile apps that offer the same business modules are a scam. DO NOT INVEST in these get-rich-quick schemes!

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