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Apple enthusiasts in Africa, rejoice! The highly anticipated “Let Loose” event, showcasing the much-rumored OLED iPad Pro models, is just hours away. This event is expected to be a game-changer, filling the iPad gap Apple created in the past year and potentially featuring additional iPad models.

Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ Event Start Times in Africa (Converted from PT)

The “Let Loose” event will be held virtually at 7:00 AM Pacific Time (PT). Here’s a table to help you convert this time to your local African time zone:

City Country Time Zone (GMT+x) Event Start Time (Converted)
Johannesburg South Africa GMT+2 5:00 PM
Lagos Nigeria GMT+1 4:00 PM
Nairobi Kenya GMT+3 5:00 PM
Cairo Egypt GMT+2 5:00 PM
Accra Ghana GMT+0 3:00 PM
Luanda Angola GMT+1 4:00 PM
Addis Ababa Ethiopia GMT+3 5:00 PM
Windhoek Namibia GMT+2 5:00 PM
Dar es Salaam Tanzania GMT+3 5:00 PM
Maputo Mozambique GMT+2 5:00 PM

Apple's Let Loose Event Start Time for OLED iPad Pro launch

More Than Just the OLED iPad Pro

While the OLED iPad Pro is the main attraction, rumors suggest Apple might unveil additional surprises. The iPad Air with the M2 chip and the new Apple Pencil Pro are also potential announcements. There’s even a chance Apple will tease upcoming AI features for the iPad.

Stay Tuned for Comprehensive Coverage

Don’t miss out on this exciting event! We’ll be providing comprehensive coverage of the “Let Loose” event, so stay tuned for all the latest announcements.

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