ios 17 public beta

Apple has today released the public beta of iOS 17, the latest version of its mobile operating system. The beta is available for iPhone users who want to try out new features before they are officially released to the public.

Some of the new features in iOS 17 include:

  • Contact posters: Users can now create their own contact posters, which will be displayed when they call or message other iPhone users. Contact posters can include a photo, font, and other customization options.
contact posters
  • Improved iMessage: iMessage has been updated with a new interface, as well as new features such as automatic transcription of audio messages and the ability to share contact details with other users by simply bringing their phones together.
  • New standby dock mode: When an iPhone is placed horizontally on a wireless charger, it will display a new interface with widgets, alarms, and other information. This is designed to make it easier to use an iPhone as a bedside clock.
standby dock mode
  • Mental health features in the Health app: Users can now log their daily moods and emotions in the Health app, as well as access tests and other assessments used to diagnose depression and anxiety.
  • Offline maps: Apple will add the ability to download and use maps offline in iOS 17. This will be a major improvement for users who travel to areas with poor or no cellular coverage.
  • New AirPods features: Users with AirPods Pro will find new capabilities enabled through the new iOS, including Adaptive Audio, which uses machine learning to adjust the volume of your headphones based on the sounds around you.

The public beta of iOS 17 is available now for iPhone users who want to try out new features before they are officially released. To install the beta, go to Settings > General > Software Update and choose to install a beta version of iOS from the drop-down menu.

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Here are some of the other new features in iOS 17:

  • Don’t have to say “Hey” to Siri anymore: Apple has made the command to awaken its voice assistant shorter.
  • Photos recognize pets as their own person: Apple’s machine learning has been able to detect cats or dogs in photos for a few years, but now it can identify individual pets, and put them in their own photos folders.
  • Grocery lists in Reminders: Apple’s Reminders app can now take an unstructured list of groceries and automatically sort them into categories like Produce, Frozen Foods, or Dairy. It should make shopping more efficient.
  • Screen Distance: Apple also built in a detector called Screen Distance that can warn users that their face has been too close to their phone for extended periods of time. It’s built into Apple’s Screen Time feature.
  • Live Voicemail transcription: A new feature called Live Voicemail will show an iPhone user a transcription of a voicemail being left in real-time so that they can decide to pick up the call anyway.
  • FaceTime voicemails: Apple has added voicemail support for the first time for FaceTime calls. Previously, you could send the other person a text message.
  • Better two-factor authentication: Apple will be able to automatically input two-factor authentication codes from emails received in the Mail app.
  • Smooth transitions in Apple Music: Apple Music has added the ability to cross-fade between tracks, or have the first one fade out at the end as the new song starts to fade in. Users will also be able to collaborate on playlists, something Spotify has offered for years.

We hope you enjoy the new features in iOS 17!

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