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Australian Rich-Lister Nick Bell Launches New Global Digital Agency Group: Superist

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 8 November 2021 – First Page Australia opened its doors just 6 months ago. In this short time, the Melbourne-based agency has grown to a 30-strong team of digital marketing talent.

While the business community struggled under lockdown, First Page created dynamic ways for clients to remain competitive and profitable in the digital space.

Now, with a growing client base, rapidly expanding team, and enduring commitment to exceptional work – it’s time for First Page to take the next step.


First Page is becoming part of a global network of digital agencies, consolidating under the new umbrella “superbrand” – Superist.

Owned by Australian Rich-Lister Nick Bell, the group includes Appscore (Australia), Chili (Brazil, Panama, Mexico), CODI Agency (Australia), First Page (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore), Lisnic (Australia), Primal (Malaysia and Thailand), Removify (Australia) and USEO (Middle East).

The result is Superist – a single digital collective offering an unparalleled range of services.

Superist will provide digital marketing, content creation, reputation management, app & website development, celebrity speakers and online mentoring.

In the process of launching First Page Australia, Bell saw the need for a dynamic and independent digital agency with a truly global presence.


“As we aren’t a listed group, Superist is completely independent, meaning we don’t have to answer to shareholders, so we can always put the needs of our clients first”, explains Bell.

“We can push the boundaries with first-to-market initiatives that will help our clients stand out in the increasingly competitive digital landscape.”

Director of First Page Australia, Byron Redhead, is driving operations and spearheading the Superist transition.

“Between all of the companies in the group, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest brands. We’ll be able to share learnings quickly and seamlessly with our proprietary CRM software, SENTR. This allows us to execute international, industry-leading strategies for our clients every time.”

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In addition to these core services, Superist is looking to the future of digital – exploring game-changing opportunities presented by NFTs, cryptocurrency & blockchain technology.

In an initial project, Superist has released 9 NFTs on OpenSea. Each token depicts a key figure in the group and represents one hour of their time.

The buyer will be given the opportunity to connect with their chosen expert and explore unique digital opportunities, campaigns and projects.

“There’s no doubt that NFTs are the future of the digital asset revolution – so it made sense for Superist to launch with its own NFT project,” says Lisa Teh, Head of Making Things Look Good at Superist, Founder of CODI Agency & Co-Founder of Lisnic.

“As a digital agency group, we need to be at the forefront of the latest in digital innovation and ensure our clients remain ahead of the game.”

This innovative approach opens new ways for the agency and its clients to interact, communicate and grow.

The goal is to become true Superists – creators, innovators and change-makers in the global digital space.


Clients of the group include McDonald’s, Intel, Mercedes Benz, Uber, Colgate, L’Oreal, Bayer, McLaren and the co-Founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph.


Link to Superist website:

Link to NFT auction on OpenSea:


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