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After writing about PB Power yesterday, a user slid into my DMs and told me to caution users not to invest their money in the Solar Factory App, another scam claiming to be based on making investments through recharging your account to earn daily commissions.

Like all the others, the platform has different investment packages with different incomes per day. The higher the investment amount, the higher the returns or daily commissions. You can also earn by inviting other people to the platform.

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The company has tiers ranging from Sh1800 to make sh55 to Sh85 daily for 180 days to a tier that costs Sh160,000 to make Sh12,160 to Sh13600 for 180 days.

This seems like an awfully good amount of money to make so easily hence the adoption by Kenyans, however, you will not make any money.

Solar Factory App is an elaborate scam! The high returns on investment are unrealistic and this is not how you get rich.

We have seen such Ponzi platforms scamming people millions of money and covered them here. Please refrain from them to avoid losing your money.

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