Samsung just released their latest and flashiest, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, and while these are arguably the best Android smartphones out right now, they are pretty expensive! If you are looking for a new Samsung phone but are overwhelmed by the choices, you’re not alone! With new models released every year, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you but let’s try.

Top Contenders for Every Budget:

  • Budget-Friendly: For those seeking value without sacrificing quality, the Samsung A14 5G shines. This phone boasts a large 6.6-inch display with a smooth 90Hz refresh rate, a reliable processor, and a capable 50-megapixel main camera, all for under $200 unlocked.
    INTRODUCING THE SAMSUNG GALAXY A14 - Hustle East Africa Magazine

  • Mid-Range Marvel: Despite the new midrange series that just dropped, the Samsung A54 5G delivers just about the same features without breaking the bank. This phone packs a stunning 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with a buttery 120hz refresh rate, a powerful processor for handling demanding tasks, and a versatile 50-megapixel main camera, all for around $300.

  • Fan Favorite: The Samsung S21 Fe was the proper “Fan Edition” before they ruined the series, it combines the best of the flagship S21 with a more budget-conscious price tag. This phone features a gorgeous 6.4-inch AMOLED display with a silky 120Hz refresh rate, a powerful processor for top-tier performance, and a capable 12-megapixel main camera, all for under $400.

  • Flagship Powerhouse: The Samsung S21 Ultra is also a good option. Despite being a little old, this phone is still a powerhouse, sporting a massive 6.8-inch AMOLED display with a stunning 120Hz refresh rate, a blazing-fast processor for handling anything you throw at it, and a jaw-dropping 108-megapixel main camera, all for a more budget-friendly price tag compared to its launch price.
    Samsung Galaxy S21 gets February 2024 security update in the USA - SamMobile

  • The Samsung A73 and A72 are also worth considering, they offer high-end specs at mid-range prices. Both phones boast expansive 6.7-inch Super AMOLED displays with smooth 120hz refresh rates, powerful processors, and impressive camera systems, but are harder to find in the US.

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Remember: The best phone for you ultimately depends on your individual needs and budget. Consider factors like display quality, camera capabilities, processing power, and battery life before making your decision. By watching Wade’s video and exploring these top contenders, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect Samsung phone to suit your style!

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