The arrest and subsequent escape of two top Binance executives in Nigeria have cast a harsh spotlight on the cryptocurrency exchange’s operations and the complex relationship between digital assets and traditional financial systems.

The Incident

Nigerian authorities detained Nadeem Anjarwalla, Binance’s regional manager for Africa, and Tigran Gambaryan, the head of global intelligence and investigations, in February. Allegations focused on potential currency manipulation, tax evasion, and suspicions that Binance facilitated illicit financial flows. The central bank governor further stoked controversy by claiming that the exchange was responsible for untraceable funds exceeding $26 billion within Nigeria.

The Binance executives were held for several weeks. However, sources from Premium Times indicate a shocking twist – one of the executives reportedly escaped custody under mysterious circumstances. Nigerian authorities have yet to provide clarity on the escape or the executives’ current status, leading to intense speculation.

“Our sources said Mr Anjarwalla, 38, escaped on Friday, 22 March, from the Abuja guest house where he and his colleague were detained after guards on duty led him to a nearby mosque for prayers in the spirit of the ongoing Ramadan fast.” The Times wrote. “The Briton, who also has Kenyan citizenship, is believed to have flown out of Abuja using a Middle East airliner.”

The two executives had been charged before a Magistrate Court in Abuja. On 28 February 2024, with the court granting the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) the right to remand the duo for 14 days. The court also ordered Binance to provide the Nigerian government with the data/information of Nigerians trading on its platform.

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The incident intensifies the global regulatory pressure Binance faces. Regulators across several jurisdictions are scrutinizing the company’s compliance practices. The Nigerian case, with its unresolved allegations and dramatic developments, will likely influence how governments approach cryptocurrency regulation in the future.

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