After a fast adoption since the launch, Bitlipa had lengthy maintenance which forced users to deal with a 12 day period without their favorite remittance application which allows them to send and receive money to and from anywhere in the world leveraging on Cryptocurrency as a conduit to facilitate this.

Importers and exporters, freelancers, businesses and traders who use Bitlipa to send and receive money described this downtime as a tough period, one trader quoted as saying “Rudini manze, tunaumia huku nje hatujakua kazi”

The Bitlipa team has asked their users to always bear with them during such periods as they are still in beta and will always take some time off to act on feedback and streamline the application further to improve user experience, they have reassured them that their assets will always be safe in the application.

All users will now have to download the latest published application on the play store to continue enjoying the Bitlipa services, among the updated features include the removal of the negative balances and the addition of notifications.

Developer: @bitlipa
Price: Free


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