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Bitmama, a Nigerian blockchain company has announced its latest product – Physical Crypto Cards making it the first cryptocurrency wallet in Africa to launch physical crypto cards. This also comes just three months after Bitmama successfully launched virtual crypto cards

“International payments for the average African is a complete hassle. This was quite evident during our team’s recent trip to Nairobi, Kenya for the African Tech Summit. While we paid for our flight tickets, visa fees, Airbnb, Bolt rides, and literally all forms of online payments with our Bitmama’virtual crypto cards, making the in-store payment was difficult as our local naira debit cards kept declining on POS devices and ATMs due to the $100/month FX spending limit on local cards, which has been recently lowered to $20/month by several local banks in Nigeria.” Akinbola Asalu, Chief Operating Officer at Bitmama stated when Speaking on the launch of Bitmama’s Physical Crypto Cards.

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“Hence, we had to resort to holding physical dollars, which is tough to source, in order to convert to local currency at a BDC. Needless to say, this was the experience of the majority of international travelers at the event, who kept stopping by our booth to ask for physical cards. By popular request, we are again pleased to say that our physical crypto cards are here and have come to stay. Anyone can request and use these cards.”

As the first mainstream African blockchain company to launch physical crypto cards, this furthers Bitmama’s ambition to onboard the next billion crypto users by building lifestyle crypto products and pushing the narrative of crypto beyond trading.

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What are Bitmama Physical Crypto Cards and their Benefits?

  • The cards can be funded with stable coins – USDT, USDC, cUSD, this lets you spend crypto directly without converting to fiat.
  • The cards can be used globally with over $10,000 in monthly spending limits at the best rates
  • In order to work all over the world, the cards work on in-store payment options – POS terminals – and can be used to withdraw from ATMs anywhere in the world.
  • The cards can be used to pay for online platforms like Netflix, Bolt, Uber, Spotify, AWS, eBay, Asos, Facebook, among others.
  • No minimum deposit is required to get a card. A new user who completes verification can request one.
  • The card will be delivered to users anywhere in the world.

How to get a Bitmama Physical Crypto Card

  • The cards are currently available for pre-order, so users can follow the directions below to secure one for a flat fee of $7. Users who pre-order between today and the 30th of April, get a 10% discount on the card issuance fee.
    • How to Pre-order a Bitmama Physical Crypto Card
      • Open the Bitmama App and tap on “Cards” on the homepage
      • Select the “Cards” on the home screen
      • Click on “Pre-order Card”
      • Fill in your preferred name on the card and your delivery details. Also, select a wallet to  be debited for the cards
      • Click on “Submit” and wait

*Note that the delivery fee is not included

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