Blockchain-based startup 3air has launched its African-focused NFT marketplace which will feature and allow African Artists to display their crafts while also networking with collectors and enthusiasts around the globe.

Members of the 3air community will transact in BUSD, and the buyer will be able to mint the NTF at the time of purchase, making it easy for users to collect and trade their favorite artworks.

The 3air app and marketplace is compatible with Metamask and Wallet Connect compatible wallets.

3air is driven by the mission to empower millions of people in African countries through blockchain and banking. Africa is fast adopting cryptocurrency though the process is ladened with challenges in bringing the end-user online through a stable internet connection.

Empowered by 3air, African users can gain access to high-speed broadband internet and join the world of blockchain and banking in a seamless onboarding experience.

The company also said that artists from all over Africa can list their NFTs free of charge and set the royalty they expect to be paid on the 3air platform.

While NFTs will be issued on Binance Smart Chain, all NFTs will be cross-chain compatible in alignment with 3air’s vision of the future being multichain.

The launch of the NFT marketplace is in line with 3air’s mission to empower African artists and help them get exposure for their work.

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