Door-to-door food delivery platform, Bolt Foods, has added electronic bikes (e-bikes) and tuk-tuks to its Kenyan fleet in a move to reduce its ecological footprint, avoid constant fluctuation in fuel prices, and stabilize the growth of its drivers’ earnings.

Deliveries will now be made using the newly introduced bikes and tuk-tuks, the move is only being implemented for food delivery, although the company says it is looking to expand the use of these EVs to its ride-hailing services.

Previously known as Taxify, the company launched Bolt Foods in August 2019 where users can use the hailing app to place orders for food to a variety of restaurants and have it delivered.

Bolt Foods is currently only available in SouthAfrica, Ghana, and Kenya and the latter is the first African market where their EVs for food delivery will be launched.

According to TechishBolt was the first to introduce electric bike-sharing services in Europe, with e-vehicles like bikes and scooters available for order on a single app.

The presence of EV companies like Nigerian-based automobile manufacturer, Jet; renewable energy transportation company, Siltech; and Kenyan-based Arc Rides are a testament to the African market’s steady strides in meeting the demand for eco-friendly vehicles.

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