Bolt, one of Africa’s leading ride-hailing platform, is prioritizing rider safety with a brand-new app feature designed to combat offline trips and protect users from potential scams. This move strengthens Bolt’s commitment to creating a secure and transparent transportation experience for all Africans.

The new feature empowers riders to easily cancel trips if a driver:

  • Requests payment outside the app
  • Demands a fare exceeding the agreed-upon amount
  • Encourages going offline for the trip

Simply select “driver asked to pay off-the-app” as the cancellation reason, and Bolt takes care of the rest.

“Safety is our top priority, and this new feature tackles the crucial issue of offline trips. We strongly discourage both drivers and riders from venturing off-platform – essential safety features like GPS tracking and SOS coverage become unavailable, leaving users vulnerable. Staying online keeps everyone protected and ensures access to our comprehensive Safety Toolkit,” Bolt Country Manager Linda Ndungu stated.

Bolt remains vigilant against drivers soliciting offline trips. Reported offenders face consequences, including temporary bans and account suspensions. Both riders and drivers are urged to utilize the robust Safety Toolkit within the app, featuring emergency contact options, trip sharing, and driver verification tools.

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