In a groundbreaking move for climate action and clean cooking technology, BURN Manufacturing has launched Africa’s first carbon credit futures market linked to the adoption of fuel-efficient cookstoves in Kenya. This pioneering initiative promises a win-win for the environment, rural communities, and the fight against climate change.

Empowering Communities, Mitigating Climate Change:

BURN’s innovative cookstoves significantly reduce firewood consumption compared to traditional models, leading to lower carbon emissions and deforestation. The carbon credits generated from these reduced emissions are then traded on the futures market, providing a new source of income for cookstove users and investors alike. This creates a sustainable financial incentive for widespread adoption of clean cooking technology, empowering rural communities while tackling climate change head-on.

The company has manufactured and distributed over four million environmentally friendly cook-stoves across Africa, marked this significant milestone by selling 10,000 forward contracts at $25 each and 50,000 call options through CYNK, a Nairobi-based platform.

A Market-Driven Solution for a Global Challenge:

The introduction of carbon credit futures adds a crucial layer of financial stability and transparency to the carbon market. Investors can now purchase contracts for future carbon credits, providing BURN with upfront capital to scale up cookstove production and distribution. This market-based approach ensures long-term sustainability and attracts much-needed investment to accelerate the transition to clean cooking solutions.

Transforming Lives, One Cookstove at a Time:

BURN’s initiative has the potential to transform lives in rural Kenya. Access to clean cookstoves reduces exposure to harmful smoke, improves health outcomes, and frees up time and resources for women and families. The financial benefits from carbon credits further empower these communities, fostering economic development and resilience.

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A Beacon of Innovation for Africa:

BURN’s pioneering work sets a precedent for the entire continent. This model can be replicated in other African countries, driving widespread adoption of clean cooking technologies and catalyzing a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. By harnessing the power of carbon markets and community-driven solutions, BURN is charting a path toward a cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous future for Africa.

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