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C-Pop Star Tia Lee’s animation series takes surprising plot twist in fourth episode

WASHINGTON, D.C., US – Media OutReach – 6 December 2022 – Nearing a record-breaking 100 million views over the first three episodes, superstar C-pop singer Tia Lee Yu Fen’s 2022 return continued to heat up with the release of the fourth instalment of her magical animation series – “GOODBYE PRINCESS” – featuring a surprising plot twist.

The drama-infused series took a romantic turn as a handsome prince made an appearance. The fourth episode – “Pawn to Queen” – starts with the princess – who was transformed into a puppet in episode 3 – landing on a chessboard. Having become a white pawn, the queen at the other end of the chessboard orders the black chess pieces to attack. Despite being in a dangerous situation, the princess keeps her composure and calmly evades the attack using her speed and skill. She eventually reaches the other side of the chessboard, where she is transformed back into a human. In the background, a mysterious castle appears out of nowhere, and a handsome prince knees before her, holds her hand and declares his love.

The story in the fourth episode of Tia Lee’s animation series featured a plethora of hidden messages, including:

  1. While the princess is falling at the beginning of the episode, she goes past a newspaper with the gossip headline . The queen is seen reading the same newspaper when she orders the other pieces to attack the white pawn.
  2. When fighting off attacks, the princess has a steely determination in her eyes, which recalls the grit and determination she showed to chase her dreams in the first three episodes.
  3. The animation series is building towards a gripping climax with the introduction of the prince.
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Is there a happily ever after ending? Find out in the fifth episode of “GOODBYE PRINCESS“.

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