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Cars for the Metaverse: Join Overleague’s Livestream Launch Event on 15 May 2022

First-of-its-kind launch event will be livestreamed on 15 May 2022, followed by an exclusive sale of Kubik, Overleague’s in-game NFT boxes

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 12 May 2022 – Iron Sail, a collective effort aimed at contributing to the development of the blockchain gaming space, will be launching its latest GameFi offering, Overleague, which presents an exciting opportunity for players to build, design and own cars in the metaverse on 15 May.


In support of the game’s official launch this week, Iron Sail will be running a livestream event themed “Cars for the Metaverse” on the Overleague website, details of which are as follows:

Date: Sunday 15 May
Time: 7PM (UTC +7)

Highlights of the livestream event include:

Car showroom: Displaying the latest car collections, including teasers of Overleague’s special elements that players can look forward to such as race tracks, and the car accessories market
Open metaverse experience: The event will bridge online-offline experiences by hosting a mix of live and virtual presentations and performances
NFT sale: A launch promotion for 10,000 of Overleague’s in-game NFT boxes, Genesis Kubik, containing 4 random unique car parts will be up for grabs from 8PM (UTC+7) 15 May to 8PM (UTC+7) 22 May.
Exclusive minting experience: Players who assemble the first unique in-game cars among the 5300+ models are qualified for a $1 million USDT reward pool and able to mint them on ETH.

More details on the promotion will be revealed during the livestream, which may be accessed through the Overleague website.

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About Iron Sail

Iron Sail’s goal is to move towards an open metaverse – a future where everyone and everything is connected together in both online and offline experiences. It also aims to make blockchain project development more accessible and sustainable, while minimizing risks for investors.

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