Ckrowd and earGROUND signs MoU to promote Africa’s position in the global entertainment market

Africa’s most preferred and premium content streaming platform, Ckrowd, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Zimbabwean award-winning media platform, earGROUND, to create a cultural partnership and exchange across music, culture, marketing, and media industries between West and Southern Africa.

Ckrowd will support the renowned southern African KOMBI station production cost and use its platform to co-market the KOMBI station podcast across the Continent and the Diaspora and displaying Ckrowd’s logo on all KOMBI station buses.  Zimbabwe has many famed artists, such as Jah Prayzah, Winky D, Tamy Moyo, Nutty O, Andy Muridzo, Janet Manyowa, Freeman HKD, JoyRukanza, Seh Calaz, ProBeatz, Mambo Dhuterere, Ammara Brown, and this partnership will further support a greater African integration also at a cultural and creative level between West and South and this will create a fresh new sound and style that will appeal to African and global consumers of African music across the world.

As the result of this strong partnership between the two influential companies, the KOMBI podcast will also broadcast in Nigeria and the Nigerian Diaspora, reaching a greater number of people, subscribers and showcasing new Southern nuances of culture to new audiences across West Africa.

This joint venture will also produce a first in the world of intra-African culture, with the establishment of professional creative industry tours, where creatives from Southern Africa can travel to West Africa to meet their fellow counterparts to fully embrace the creative cultural exchange and diversity in style of work, production, and modus operandi. Ckrowd believes in the importance of real African cultural understanding to fuel greater creativity and produce even greater artistic endeavours.

Ckrowd & earGROUND will also forge an exclusive media relationship, where the earGROUND digital magazine will work in synergy to provide the Nigerian market with the latest news, playlist and trends across West Africa, all supported by Ckrowd’s journalistic prowess and large numbers of subscribers providing earGROUND access to to 33 million individuals over email and 50 million WhatsApp contacts across Nigeria.

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Kayode Adebayo, CEO, Ckrowd, commented:

“Ckrowd’s aim has always been to bring Africa together as a market, as we believe the size of the market and the cultural diversity gives African people a great number of economic advantages. Our mission is to economically empower African creatives by providing them with the tools and the technology to freely inform, entertain and educate the global community about the continent, while achieving good returns on their investments and contents. This MoU and our working relationship with earGROUND are the beginning of a greater integration across the creative and business industry of the different region of Africa.  It will bring commercial success to Africans and Afro-Diasporans alike. We are excited about what this would mean to the culture and the commerce of our people.”

Commenting on the signing of the MoU, Plot Mhako, CEO of earGROUND, said

“We are excited at this partnership with Ckrowd. This will be revolutionary, because for a long time African creatives have largely been disenfranchised and divided by borders, regions and many other barriers. However, this collaboration seeks to unite content creators and their audiences in a way that will add the influence of culture to the economy, Connecting the Continent, from South to West, East and beyond will further help to ignite the creative fire, inspiration, whilst broadening the reach and strengthening Africa on the creative global scene.”

The vision of this MoU is to make it easier for Southern and West African creatives, musicians, singers, entertainers, and content creators to engage in intra-cultural exchange, strengthen commercial and cultural trading links and boosting Africa’s position in the global market as the new hub of the global entertainment industry and a consolidated market with so much untapped audiences and revenues.”

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