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CloudMile Launches Free Migration Programme to Drive Business Digitalisation in the Post-pandemic Era

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 27 February 2023 – CloudMile, Asia’s leading artificial intelligence and cloud service provider, announces the launch of its “Free Cloud Migration Programme” designed to help enterprises control costs and improve operational efficiency. With the assistance of Google Cloud’s comprehensive data ecosystem and CloudMile’s hand-on technical support, enterprises can migrate their data and projects to the cloud with lower cost and complexity. The recent pandemic has prompted many companies to reassess their operations and find ways to maintain their competitiveness in the market. One key strategy that has emerged as a solution is digitalisation. As a result, companies are focusing on adopting digital technologies to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. This shift towards digitalisation has become the new norm for business development in the post-pandemic era.

Optimising Operating Cost (OpEx) with Digital Transformation

CloudMile, a Google Cloud certified Managed Service Provider (MSP), provides customised cloud migration plans to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our team helps enterprises move their data from on-premise data warehouses to more flexible cloud data warehouses like Google Cloud BigQuery. In addition, we conduct thorough assessments of enterprise IT infrastructure, provide solutions, and execute migration plans. The programme extends support beyond the cloud migration, as it includes annual assessments and optimisation solutions to help enterprises sustain their digital transformation journey and reduce operational costs in the long run. For more information on the free cloud migration program, please visit CloudMile’s website at

Boosting IT Operational Efficiency by 41% with Cloud Migration

Many enterprises in Hong Kong still rely on internal servers for data storage, which can be costly in terms of manpower and hardware expenses. By migrating to the cloud, these upfront costs can be converted from capital expenditures (CapEx) to regular operating expenses (OpEx), offering businesses more flexibility and scalability.

Globally, 61% of enterprises have already migrated their workloads to the cloud. According to a 2020 evaluation by IDC, the use of Google Cloud Platform has resulted in a 41% increase in IT operational efficiency, a 19% increase in developer productivity, and a 26% reduction in IT infrastructure costs. This highlights the growing importance of cloud migration for enterprises, as it enables a smooth digital transformation and enhances productivity and remote work efficiency.

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Tecpal: IoT Latency Reduction and Ample Computing Power

CloudMile has assisted over 700 companies in the Asia-Pacific region, including well-known enterprises, to make the most of various cloud technologies including data, AI, cost optimisation, hand-on technical support and services, and cross-platform integrations. This has allowed these companies to accelerate their journey towards digital transformation.

One of CloudMile’s clients, Tecpal, a provider of BaaS services for over one million smart home appliances, migrated its data to Google Cloud with the help of CloudMile in 2022. The CTO of Tecpal, Harold Lo, complimented CloudMile’s cost-effective technical support on Google Cloud, noting their expertise and rich experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The migration resulted in a latency of less than a second for monitoring over one million devices and ample computing power to handle daily traffic and high demand during holidays.

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About CloudMile

CloudMile, a leading AI and cloud technology company in Asia, focuses on digital transformation for its corporate clients and driving growth. Leveraging machine learning and big data analysis, CloudMile assists over 700 corporate clients with business forecasts and industrial upgrades. CloudMile has earned 150+ accreditations, with 60+ Google Cloud professional certifications. Being the Premier Partner of Google Cloud, CloudMile is qualified for Machine Learning Specialisation, Data Analytics Specialisation, Cloud Migration Specialisation and Infrastructure Specialisation. In 2020, CloudMile becomes Google Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) and the Public Sector Partner of the Year in the APAC region.

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