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Copycat Killer Occupies Netflix Charts, and Leads More Taiwan’s Series to Global Markets

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 10 April 2023 – Audiovisual works from Asia have gradually secured their footing in global markets. After Korean films and series expand viewer bases, Taiwanese content has recently attracted international attention, including suspense series Light the Night and horror film Incantation. Since premiering on a streaming platform last week, Copycat Killer has created a new record in Taiwanese series history. It has landed on top 10 charts across 25 regions/markets worldwide, with viewing hours on the rise.


Adapted from the eponymous award-winning novel by Japanese writer Miyuki Miyabe, Copycat Killer follows a serial killer case in the 1990s that underlines media manipulation and humanity. This original Mandarin-speaking series produced by GrX (Greener Grass Culture Co., Ltd.) was exclusively launched on Netflix on March 31st. It has since won weekly champion titles in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Furthermore, it has reached multiple markets in the Middle East (UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar), Europe (Greece and Romania), and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, the Bahamas, and Uruguay). Appearing on top 10 charts across 25 markets, Copycat Killer is the first Taiwanese series that travels further and wider worldwide.

This achievement is based on international co-production experiences in GrX over the years, including Korea, New Zealand, and Vietnam. Based on rational decisions and international market observations, says producer Phil Tang, “this is the first Mandarin-speaking series that widely reaches global audience on Netflix. We challenge ourselves in Copycat Killer to deliver groundbreaking narratives and quality. It also builds on decades of audiovisual production experiences in Taiwan”.

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Producer Hank Tseng, on the other hand, focuses on script development, storylines, context, cinematic languages, and genre series structural analysis. He also aims to deliver international levels in composition and aesthetics. With overwhelming feedback and responses worldwide, Tseng is grateful that “dubbing in multiple languages has overcome cultural differences, and resonated emotionally with viewers in different countries and markets”.

Audiovisual content from Taiwan continues to expand international markets. The upcoming series by DaMou Entertainment, The Wave Makers, will be the first in Taiwan that circles around political aides. During the presidential campaign, a group of young aides struggle between life and work, while trying to keep their candidate in the lead. The Oracle Comes, adapted from the eponymous best-selling novel by Taiwanese writer Teensy that combines traditional beliefs and modern fantasy, will also be available on international streaming platforms. With the success of Copycat Killer, more audiovisual works from Taiwan will be recognized in the world. It’s a testimony that Taiwan can deliver international standards as an outstanding co-production partner in Asia. Studios in Taiwan are capable of producing quality content for global consumption with teams from different cultures.

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