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Cyberport and Google Hong Kong back the city’s start-ups with newly launched “Igniting Startups & FinTechs Program”

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 17 February 2022 – Cyberport and Google Hong Kong today announced the launch of “Igniting Startups & FinTechs Program”, which aims to best support Hong Kong start-ups and FinTech innovations. The programme will be made available to all Cyberport Community start-ups, providing them with Google Cloud credits, special discounts in Google Maps Platforms, as well as dedicated digital upskilling training and technical support.

Peter Yan, Chief Executive Officer of Cyberport says Cyberport is glad to have Google,
as a Cyberport Technology Network (CTN) member, launching its global start-up oriented programme first in Hong Kong.

All Cyberport Community start-ups, from all stages, will enjoy US$2,000 for Google Cloud credits to start with; eligible start-ups will further receive minimum US$100,000 (up to US$500,000) worth of benefits in Google Cloud credits as they scale their operation, fundraising capability and international growth plan with secured and reliable cloud solutions and computer power. In addition, start-ups will enjoy special discounts for using Google Maps Platform that helps start-ups create better experiences and improve operations with rich and detailed geospatial data, helpful mapping tools, and industry-leading reliability. Without worrying about the infrastructure and computing capacity, start-ups can focus on their core business growth plans and innovations.

In addition, Cyberport is the largest FinTech community in Hong Kong that houses nearly 400 FinTech companies. The program will also provide additional training and technical support as FinTech utilises Google Cloud for high performance computing, for example, for quantitative analysis and risk modelling; leverages Google Maps Platform APIs and geospatial data; design their apps following Google Play best practices; and even global expansion and promotion plan with Google Marketing Platform. Eligible FinTech start-ups with disruptive innovation and international growth expansion plan will also receive go-to-market, fundraising support, and access to a global FinTech community and start-up founders networking events, powered by Google.

Peter Yan, Chief Executive Officer of Cyberport said, “Application of advanced and proven technology is essential for the development of innovative products and services technology start-ups. Use of such proven technologies enables start-ups to shorten the time-to-market of their products and services, so that they can focus on their core business. Today, we are glad to have Google, a member of our Cyberport Technology Network (CTN), launch its global start-up oriented programme first in Hong Kong with Cyberport. Google provides a comprehensive suite of technologies, including leading-edge data analytics and AI solutions, to Cyberport start-ups free use up to US$500,000, to speed up their product development and product launch. Cyberport has been leveraging our technology, enterprises, investors and professional services networks to collaborate with different stakeholders and support our community companies for business opportunities, fund raising, and go to market. This collaboration is another major development to strengthen Cyberport as a strategic platform to nurture digital technology start-ups and scale-up, reinforcing Hong Kong’s position as an international innovation and technology hub.”

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Michael Yue, General Manager of Sales & Operations at Google Hong Kong said, “The “Igniting Startups & FinTechs Program” under our Smarter Digital City initiative aims to best support the flourishing FinTech and start-up ecosystem in Hong Kong. Together with Cyberport, we hope to bring a suite of Google solutions ranging from cloud computing, mapping and digital marketing, that could help start-ups scale and pivot quickly to address new opportunities in today’s dynamic environment. We hope our Smarter Digital City initiative and strategic collaboration with the industry players will help Hong Kong advance as an international financial centre, powered by technology and innovation.” 

Cyberport Community start-ups can visit “Igniting Startups & FinTechs Program” webpage for more information and submit an application.

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