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Deezer now has a dedicated Podcasts Shows_tab_Icon_Final.png tab where you’ll find a wide selection of non-music content: locally produced shows, specialist subjects, and international hits.

“Enjoy a dynamic and personalized feed, constantly updated to suit the moods and moments of your day. The feed showcases new and trending podcasts, radio shows, and audiobooks we’ve selected just for you.” Deezer says

What’s included in Deezer’s tab?

Deezer Podcasts help you discover new and trending shows we think you’ll love. Benefiting from more than 15 custom channels, it’s where you can find the best comedy, society, culture, fiction, music podcasts, education shows and so much more!

  • Podcasts
  • Radio
  • Audiobooks

Deezer Originals

You’ll also find Deezer originals in the Podcasts tab. This channel is unique to Deezer and has bespoke content you won’t find anywhere else. Deezer Originals help you discover the story behind the music with the artists you love.

Available Countries 

Podcasts: Podcasts are available worldwide

Radio: Brazil, France, Germany, Israel, South Africa, Spain, the UK, and the US

Audiobooks:  Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands

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