Delete These Apps From Your Android Phone Immediately


A new research by WhiteOps has exposed 38 malicious popular apps on the Android Play Store as being unsafe. What these apps all have in common—besides their fraudulent tactics—is their focus on beauty. Most purport to be selfie apps that add beauty filters to users’ pictures, while at the same time showing ads out of context and making it nearly impossible to remove the apps themselves.

Google has removed all of these apps from the Play Store, and the researchers warn anyone who has them on their device to delete them. Here are the apps.

The apps were found to commit three types of fraud – out-of-context ads, out-of-context navigation, and removal of app icon, making it harder for users to uninstall the apps.

  1. Yoroko Camera
  2. Solu Camera
  3. Lite Beauty Camera
  4. Beauty Collage Lite
  5. Beauty & Filters Camera
  6. Photo Collage & Beauty Camera
  7. Beauty Camera Selfie Filter
  8. Gaty Beauty Camera
  9. Pand Selfie Beauty Camera
  10. Catoon Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera
  11. Benbu Selfie Beauty Camera –
  12. Pinut Selfie Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  13. Mood Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera
  14. Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera
  15. Selfie Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  16. Fog Selfie Beauty Camera
  17. First Selfie Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  18. Vanu Selfie Beauty Camera
  19. Sun Pro Beauty Camera
  20. Funny Sweet Beauty Camera
  21. Little Bee Beauty Camera
  22. Beauty Camera & Photo Editor Pro
  23. Grass Beauty Camera
  24. Ele Beauty Camera
  25. Flower Beauty Camera
  26. Best Selfie Beauty Camera
  27. Orange Camera
  28. Sunny Beauty Camera
  29. Pro Selfie Beauty Camera
  30. Selfie Beauty Camera Pro
  31. Elegant Beauty Cam-2019
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