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Did You Know Telegram Has a Clubhouse, Spaces like Feature?

Due to clubhouse taking the world by storm, major tech companies like Facebook and Twitter also started venturing into offering alternatives to the service that enables a shift in discussions online from text to voice-enabled spaces. However, Discord and Telegram have similar features that you may not know about.

Since Twitter spaces are still not available, you might want to consider using Telegrams Voice Chats which were rolled out last December.

The voice chat feature runs parallel to text chats in a group and enables people in a group to communicate actively and more seamlessly by adding a live layer of ephemeral talk to the group.

Telegram gets Voice Chats.

How to set up your first Voice Chat.

  1. Head over to your group’s description page.
  2. Tap the three-dot button next to Mute and Search start a Voice Chat.
  3. Your Voice Chat will start. Once the discussion has ended, you can end it like a normal call.

Just like spaces, you can always mute yourself in the background, while the app will display a bar at the top to show who is currently talking. Telegram displays who is currently speaking followed by those who spoke last.

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