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DStv prices have increased again in Kenya, hiking by up to 13.04% this year. The increase, which takes effect from July 1, 2023, is due to the weakening of the Kenyan shilling against the US dollar.

The price of the Premium package has increased by 11.11%, from 8,900 Kenyan shillings (KES) to 9,900 KES. The Compact Plus package has increased by 12.73%, from 5,500 KES to 6,200 KES. The Compact package has increased by 16.67%, from 3,000 KES to 3,500 KES. The Family package has increased by 15.63%, from 1,600 KES to 1,850 KES. And the Access package has increased by 13.04%, from 1,150 KES to 1,300 KES.

This is the second time DStv prices have increased in Kenya in 2023. In April, prices were raised by up to 6.74%. The company said at the time that the increase was necessary to “offset the rising cost of content and operations.”

The latest price increase is likely to be met with disapproval from DStv subscribers in Kenya. The cost of living in the country has been rising steadily in recent months, and many people are already struggling to make ends meet. The increase in DStv prices will only add to the financial burden of many households.

DStv is the leading pay-TV provider in Kenya, with a subscriber base of over 4 million. The company offers a wide range of channels, including local and international news, sports, movies, and entertainment.

The price increase is likely to have a significant impact on DStv’s subscriber base in Kenya. Some subscribers may be forced to cancel their subscriptions, while others may switch to a cheaper pay-TV provider. The price increase could also lead to an increase in piracy, as people seek to watch their favorite channels without paying for them.

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It remains to be seen how DStv’s subscribers will react to the latest price increase. However, the company is facing increasing financial challenges in Kenya. The price increase is a sign that DStv is struggling to maintain its profitability in the country.

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