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DStv Stream is a popular streaming service in Africa, offering a variety of packages to cater to different viewer preferences. I have been trying out their premium package and here are my thoughts.

DStv Stream Packages and Prices in Kenya

DStv Stream offers several packages, each with its own unique set of channels and pricing. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. DStv Premium: Priced at KSh 9,900 per month, this package offers over 175 channels, including 40+ HD channels.
  2. Compact Plus: Available at KSh 6,200 per month, it provides over 155 channels with 30+ in HD.
  3. Compact: For KSh 3,500 per month, you get access to over 135 channels, including 25+ HD channels.
  4. Family: This package costs KSh 1,850 per month and includes over 120 channels with 10+ in HD.
  5. Access: The most affordable package at KSh 650 per month, it offers over 51 channels.

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Personal Review: DStv Premium Package

As a user of the DStv Premium package, I’ve had a mixed experience. On one hand, the package offers an extensive range of channels and up to 4K quality streaming. However, I’ve found that the interface leaves a lot to be desired. It’s clunky and not as user-friendly as one would expect from a premium service. They say patience is a virtue, but with this app, it’s more of a necessity.

Moreover, despite the promise of up to 4K quality streaming, I have yet to find a match that streams in this resolution. Considering the premium price charged for this package, this is quite disappointing.

For the amount you are supposed to be coughing up to enjoy this service, this is pretty unacceptable. The app needs a lot of polish and I mean a lot.

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Showmax Pro Offer for DStv Stream

Recently, MultiChoice announced an offer for Showmax Pro customers to get DStv Stream. This offer is available between October 16th and November 10th, 2023. Customers taking up this offer will have the ability to link Showmax to their DStv Premium Stream account at no additional cost.

This exclusive package offer allows you to enjoy some of the best of HBO, international series, box sets, and movies and get the best of international football leagues like the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, LaLiga, and Serie A as well as Rugby, Cricket, NBA, NFL, F1 and UFC.

In conclusion, while DStv Stream has its shortcomings, particularly with its interface and streaming quality in the Premium package, it still offers a wide range of content that caters to diverse viewer preferences. It is like that eccentric uncle at family gatherings – it means well and has its moments of brilliance, but most of the time you’re just left scratching your head wondering what just happened.

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