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EA Sports FC24, the successor to the FIFA series, has been out for a little while now so I decided to pick it up and continue playing my favorite mode in the recent past, Ultimate Team. While the new iteration introduces some new mechanics and features, it also carries over some of the same frustrations from its predecessors and actually ruins some fundamental aspects.

Gameplay and Mechanics

The gameplay in EA Sports FC24 feels familiar. The new game introduces new mechanics like Evolutions and Tactical Visions, showing the potential for the series to evolve. However, for every exciting improvement added in, there are still far too many of the same things that have frustrated players for years.

The HyperMotion V technology is still as cool as when it was first introduced, with precise ball and player physics. However, the artificial intelligence part of the HyperMotion V technology is still pathetic. Players still fall all over each other in unnatural ways, glitch through each other, make unrealistic maneuvers, and make terrible attacking and defensive decisions.

Perhaps the main change in the FC24 is in how the players feel during a match. Taken with a grain of salt as many of these experiences will mostly change with updates, the players do all feel different and unique, with their various abilities coming through. In the past, the main way to tell player abilities has been through pace and skill moves star rating.

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Atmosphere and Detail

EA Sports FC24 pays a lot of attention to detail in recreating a realistic soccer atmosphere. New overlays showcase useful statistics like shot volume in the opponents’ box, player fatigue mid-game, and even a nice odds percentage of which team is more likely to win. There are numerous background interview segments laced throughout Matchday’s pre-, mid-, and post-game segments.


Example of stats overlay on FC24

However, team walkouts and ceremonial songs have sadly been cut.


FC24 Commentary

EA Sports FC24 introduces a new commentary team, consisting of Derek Rae and Stewart Robson, and Guy Mowbray and Sue Smith. This addition was meant to bring a fresh voice to the virtual pitch. However, the new guys are boring, and absolutely lack any sense of excitement while playing the game.

The commentary significantly fails to apply to the events and momentum of the match, it is repetitive and lacking in dynamism. The choice phrases despite being different people feel recycled from previous FIFA games, which can lead to a monotonous and predictable commentary experience. This lack of variety and excitement in the commentary detracts from the immersive experience of the game.


Don’t buy FC24, at least not yet. There are no significant changes that are worth the $70 and it needs hella polishing at the moment. If you are on Xbox, you will still get the game later in Gamepass anyway.

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