Earning Sh50,000 Per Tweet, Azziad Nasenya’s Rate Card

Society still can’t grasp the new diverse career choices young people are venturing into, to tell the previous generation that one can earn Sh50,000 by making a single social media post would sound absurd, I know, Azziad Nasenya is, however, doing it.

Leaked on social media early today is the 19-year-old’s rate card, and it has shocked Netizens. Attracting mixed reactions, some have called the charges absurd while others see it as the beginning of a new era in the Influencing industry.

A Social Media Influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach and yes, this is a money-making career.

On popular Freelance website Upwork, the job attracts as much as $100 an hour for proffesionals.

Back to Azziad, to work with her, as a brand, you’ll have to part with a paltry Sh50,000 for a single tweet or Instagram story. No? not paltry? She does not care about your opinions, this can show in her latest tiktok video.

The Tiktok star who rose to fame for her lip syncing video to the “Utawezana” banger by Femi One and Mejja, which went viral with over 600,000 views charges go up to Sh 500,000 a month, half the people in those society acceptable careers don’t even make that much.

While people voice their opinions on social media, it all just boils down to the Target Audience (T.A) -a particular group at which a product or advertisement is aimed-, with over 125 thousand young people following her on Twitter and 532 thousand on Instagram, brands whose TA match her audience will definitely want to use her services.

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Whether she is ill advised or over ambitious is a non issue, this should prove to be a rude awakening for brands who chew and spit Influencers, same to people who think content creation is not a ‘real job’. Let people tap into their talents and as an end result secure the bag.

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