Nigerian media conglomerate EbonyLife and Sony Pictures Television (SPT) recently announced ÀLÓ, a new initiative offering a unique platform for writers of African heritage.

The word “ÀLÓ” is from the Yoruba language meaning ‘once upon a time’.

The initiative seeks to discover authentic African stories and ideas to inspire and resonate with readers across the continent.

The initiative will open Sept. 24 through Nov. 5, when writers can submit their television scripts and story documents.

The ÀLÓ team comprising creative executives from both EbonyLife and SPT will then review and shortlist the entries.

All entrants must be of African heritage with proven citizenship from any of the 52 countries on the continent. The initiative is open to professionals, freelancers as well as up-and-coming writers.

There are no limitations to the story ideas or scripts. Any theme or story is allowed, but submissions must pay homage to Africa’s unique cultures, diversity, heritage, and people.

Successful candidates will be exposed to an opportunity to enter into a series pilot development agreement with SPT and EbonyLife under the ÀLÓ Initiative to create and write a pilot script. Once completed, the projects will be pitched to major international broadcasters for their consideration.

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