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EcoMamoni announces it will promote environmental sustainability in the Indonesian market

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Media OutReach Newswire – 30 June 2024 – EcoMamoni, a globally renowned environmental and renewable recycling company, announced that it will officially enter the Indonesian market on July 1, with the mission of promoting local environmental sustainability and development.

Founded in the United States in 2020, EcoMamoni has rapidly grown and established a subsidiary in the UK in 2024, further expanding its global operations. On June 5 of this year, during World Environment Day, EcoMamoni hosted over 200 environmental events in the Philippines, attracting more than 5,000 participants. This showcased the company’s commitment and proactive efforts towards environmental protection.

EcoMamoni has successfully identified over 20 recycling sites in the Philippines and is currently seeking suitable office buildings to support its long-term development plans in the region. These infrastructures will provide a solid foundation for the company’s operations in the Indonesian market.

Entering the new market, EcoMamoni aims to bring numerous positive impacts to the local community by introducing its advanced environmental technologies and recycling systems. This will enhance local environmental awareness and actions while creating numerous job opportunities. The company stated that this move is a significant step in their global expansion strategy. They are confident about making substantial progress in the Indonesian market and look forward to collaborating with local partners and customers to advance the cause of environmental sustainability.

As EcoMamoni continues to expand in the Southeast Asian market and drive global environmental efforts, the world may move towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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