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Empowering Beauties Across the World: Beauty to Earn’s Exclusive Membership NFT Is Rescheduled to Launch Come September on Ethereum Blockchain

The Industry’s First Beauty NFT Game “Empower Beauties” Will Feature New Elements, Opportunities to Earn, and Unparalleled Rewards

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 9 September 2022 – Cellmax, Hong Kong’s premier aesthetic medicine group is proud to announce the official release of the Beauty to Earn membership Non-fungible Tokens (“NFTs”) “Empower Beauties” rescheduled to launch in mid-September.

The first Beauty NFT game of its kind, the “Empower Beauties” NFT whitelist priced at 0.198 Ether (ETH), a value of US$322. Public priced at 0.236 Ether (ETH), a value of US$382. After countless hours of research and development, the Cellmax team is pleased to feature new gaming elements, rewards, and experiences. Whitelist mint on 15 September, while public mint on 16 September.

To get the whitelist for priority minting NFT, please join the pre-sale Whitelist event (

The Beauty NFT game is a combination of Beauty Play to earn, adventure, and treasure hunt. All players are equipped with the resources required to earn achievements, NFTs, and token rewards within the game which can be later exchanged for specific beauty products and treatments at discounted rates in Opensea – the worldwide main secondary market of blockchain NFTs.

Empower Beauties NFT is strongly endorsed by different influencers like Jumbo Pig!

Connie Lam (@connielam418), the official spokesperson of the first-ever “Beauty to Earn” beauty brand NFT series “Empower Beauties” created exclusively by Cellmax

Click to view the Promotion Trailer of Cellmax “Empower Beauties” NFT

Each exclusive membership NFT is an inimitable female persona, with one particular NFT featuring Black Card functions. The holder of this NFT will be entitled to enjoy complimentary Botox (Botulinum Toxin) injection services* for life. In addition, all NFT holders are welcome to enjoy a 2-month Cellmax VIP membership experience, at a value of US$1,040. The first 100 NFT buyers will also receive a pack of CELLLABS facial masks valued at over US$163 and a cell excellence procell therapy treatment valued at over US$1,249 for FREE.

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Within the Beauty to Earn Point Redemption System, members are empowered to convert each consumption and experience point (EXPs) earned from participating in other events into Cellmax Coins to be used to accumulate credits in the system. Redeem 1 Cellmax Coin for every US$1.27 spent or earned. Once credits reach a certain amount, the credits can be redeemed for beauty services, products, gifts, or other NFTs or collaboration projects. All Empower Beauties NFTs are stored through Ethereum blockchain technology and are permanently valid.

*same position, with medical advice from doctor. Cellmax reserves the right of final decision.

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About Cellmax

Cellmax is a renowned and celebrated aesthetic medicine group in Hong Kong, providing aesthetic medicine, life beauty service, cell repair therapy and body care service to clients. Cellmax adheres to its normative protocols to termly render the most cutting-edge vocational training to staff, and constantly upgrade in-house equipment and technology – striving to entrench its leading position in the industry. Cellmax engages in providing clients with the most transparent, thoughtful, and pleasing beauty journey by ensuring that they receive the optimum state of skin and contour. At present, Cellmax has officially trod into the Metaverse, by enabling aesthetic medicine marketing through blockchain technology, it will usher the customers in a unique beauty-seeking exploration.

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