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Empowerment Campaign from Watsons launches on International Women’s Day

90 million women will “DARE TO BE”

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 7 March 2023 – Watsons announces the launch of its “DARE TO BE ” campaign on International Women’s Day to further its commitment to transcending stereotypes and standing with women to discover the best version of themselves. This follows on the success of the Asia-wide “The New Beautiful” campaign that inspired a heightened awareness of holistic beauty. Watsons continues to advance the cause of gender equality with its 90 million female Watsons Club members in the global community.

Watsons believes that everyone has the power to transcend their own limitations and break the stigma that society puts upon them. As a brand trusted by 90 million women in Asia, Eastern Europe and Middle East, Watsons’ “DARE TO BE” campaign can reach millions and inspire confidence in them. In an interview survey of 11,000 women conducted by A.S. Watson, over 50% of women described themselves as “unconfident”. “DARE TO BE” seeks to change this by featuring women who are breaking down boundaries and leading the way for others.

Malina Ngai, CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia & Europe) says, “Women have the strength to be the best version of themselves and to transcend societal limitations. Watsons is committed to empowering women to find their faith in themselves. We know they can DARE TO BE bigger than any barrier, bolder than any bias, and stronger than their struggles.”

Affirming the “Embrace Equity” theme of International Women’s Day, the campaign strives to support BRAVEHER, BOLDHER and STRONGHER Women in a cause of gender equality that embraces women of all walks of life:

Nurturing “BRAVEHER” Women in Healthcare

During COVID-19, the bravery of frontline healthcare professionals inspired many to follow this meaningful career path. Through Watsons and Operation Smile partnership, Watsons has supported Operation Smile’s “Women in Medicine” initiative. Through this initiative, Operation Smile aims to provide educational pathways for women to be global leaders in health care. In support of this initiative, Watsons has sponsored all-women medical programs in low-and-middle income countries to help educate women on advanced medical practices; empower women to become leaders in global medicine; expand opportunities for women health care workers in different specialties; and elevate cleft surgery and comprehensive care. Since the partnership’s inception, A.S. Watson Group has sponsored over 6,000 free corrective surgeries to Operation Smile through the Group’s Give a Smile signature global community programme.

Kathy Magee, Co-founder and President of Operation Smile says, “We appreciate the tremendous support from Watsons for the Women in Medicine Initiative to empower women to take on leadership roles in the medical field. Once we mentor these women and equip them with advanced surgical skills and specialty trainings, these women create new opportunities for the next generation of female leaders in health care.”

Empowering “BOLDHER” Women in their Community

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Watsons is deepening its long-term partnership with YWCA, to empower more women in the community. Mimi Han, Vice President of World YWCA, commends Watsons’ efforts in building a more women-friendly community, “The world needs the voices of more women to be heard. Watsons’ and YWCA’s joint efforts and commitment will not only empower women but promote the women’s meaningful participation and contribution to our society.”

In Hong Kong, Watsons will sponsor YWCA’s “ChariTea” programme to fund its self-financed women empowerment services, which supports women in marital adversity and young mothers, assists the development of girls, strengthens elderly services for older women and gives women their deserved voices in the society.

Enabling a “STRONGHER” Generation of Women

Throughout the month, Watsons will be actively engaging the community of Watsons shoppers through a series of events, workshops, and mentoring opportunities led by key women opinion leaders who have created their own success by defining it on their own terms. Watsons Malaysia is inviting a fashion model with vitiligo (an appearance altering skin condition), a para-cyclist and a CEO from a women-focused charity to share their personal stories and health & beauty tips. In Thailand, Watsons is promoting women empowerment through its “Green Ribbon” campaign to help more women to unleash their potential.

There are more programmes in Asia which inspire confidence and empower women to look good, do good, and feel great about themselves. Interested parties can find out more at

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