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Enjoy Great Taste and Great Value with 7-Eleven’s new line-up of ready-to-eat treats!

To help you get back on track after the Chinese New Year festivities, 7-Eleven is rolling out an exciting selection of budget-friendly bites. Choose from a classic Singaporean-favourite fried rice dish, an on-trend truffle burger plus other tempting items that won’t break the bank to be enjoyed on the go anytime, anywhere.


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 18 February 2022 – Experiencing post Chinese New Year blues? No worries, 7-Eleven is taking all your favourite food and flavours from your classics, cafes, to even your favourite fast-food joints, making them available all around the clock and pocket-friendly!

Get back into the swing of things with an all-new, mouth-watering selection of grab-and-go goodies that are kind to your wallet but don’t skimp on taste. So, save that ang pow money and head down to your nearest 7-Eleven for some great tasting food and great value!


Classic favourites: Big on taste, friendly on the pocket!

When hunger strikes, a hot steaming bowl of fried rice will always hit the spot! 7-SELECT Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice (U.P. $4.50) is a convenient alternative to every Singaporean’s must-order at a certain restaurant chain (if you know you know)! It boasts a succulent breaded chicken cutlet served on a bed of light, fluffy and perfectly seasoned egg fried rice with spring onions. Save the travels to your nearest restaurant or mall – simply head to your nearest 7-Eleven to get your chicken cutlet fried rice fix from now on, available around the clock!


There are trends that come and go, but we all know that truffle-infused dishes are here to stay. Good news – no one needs to break the bank to be a café-hopping, truffle-searching hipster anymore! After all, who could afford a good ol’ café truffle burger oh-so-often? Introducing the 7-SELECT Truffle Scrambled Egg with Chicken Ham Burger (U.P. $3.50), a hearty breakfast or teatime treat of black truffle infused scrambled eggs, smoked chicken ham with melted cheddar cheese served on a fluffy burger bun. The addition of that unmistakeable truffle aroma takes this burger up a level but this indulgent treat is still at a price everyone can afford. Turn your grab-and-go breakfast into a true café experience by pairing it with a cup of 7CAFÉ and get your day off to a great start!


Other delicious grab-and-go goodies you can enjoy any time, any where

If you’re in need of breakfast on the run, a quick lunch, or a late-night bite, check out the other all-new items on the menu:


7-SELECT BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese Wrap (U.P. $3.60) is the perfect dream of Mac & Cheese on the go! Cheesy macaroni is layered on pieces of popcorn chicken glazed with brown sugar BBQ sauce and all wrapped in a warm tortilla. A familiar taste from your favourite fast-food chains indeed! Packed full of flavour, this tasty wrap makes for a lip-smacking lunchtime bite.


7-SELECT Baked Chicken with Garlic Butter Burger (U.P. $3.50) features a breaded chicken cutlet made with 100% succulent chicken thigh topped with creamy garlic butter. A classic combo of flavours that everyone will love!


The next couple of inventive items on the menu combine the flavours of east and west in perfect harmony! 7-SELECT Teriyaki Chicken Ciabatta (U.P. $5.50) is inspired by the classic Japanese home-cooked dish. Slices of roasted chicken breast, teriyaki sauce, shredded pickled cabbage, seaweed flakes, baby romaine lettuce and hard-boiled egg slices are sandwiched in between Italian style fluffy ciabatta bread. A refreshing blend of tastes and textures, the sweet umami teriyaki sauce perfectly balances the tangy crunchy pickled cabbage.

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For a quick bite on the run, you can’t go wrong with the 7-SELECT Cheesy Ham and Corn Onigiri (U.P. $2.00), our original take on the classic Japanese rice ball with a touch of European flair! This delicious morsel consists of onigiri rice mixed in with kernels of Japonica corn and a creamy filling of cheese and roasted ham at its centre.

7-Eleven is also launching a new range Western-style delectable dishes from Taste Asia to keep you going throughout the day. Take your pick from Taste Asia Turkey Bacon & Mushroom Aglio Olio, Grilled Chicken with Mashed Potato and Baked Beans, and Butter Rice with Beef Bolognaise and Cheese. All priced at $4.50 each, these Western delights are excellent value and sure to please!


Enjoy $0.50 off Fresh Express Coleslaw or Potato Salad when you buy 7-SELECT Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice, BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese Wrap, Truffle Scrambled Egg with Chicken Ham Burger or Baked Chicken with Garlic Butter Burger from 16 Feb – 1 Mar 2022!


For more detail on launch dates and promotions, please refer to this summary table:





Promo Period

Launch Date

7-SELECT Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice


Get $0.50 off Fresh Express Coleslaw or Potato Salad

16 Feb – 1 Mar 2022

16 Feb 2022

7-SELECT Truffle Scrambled Egg with Chicken Ham Burger


7-SELECT BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese Wrap


7-SELECT Baked Chicken with Garlic Butter Burger


7-SELECT Teriyaki Chicken Ciabatta


7-SELECT Cheesy Ham and Corn Onigiri


Buy 2 for $3.80

16 Feb – 29 Mar 2022

Taste Asia Turkey Bacon & Mushroom Aglio Olio


Taste Asia Grilled Chicken with Mashed Potato and Baked Beans


Taste Asia Butter Rice with Beef Bolognaise and Cheese



All items are halal-certified except for 7-SELECT Cheesy Ham and Corn Onigiri.


More promotions and updates can also always be found on the official 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook and 7-Eleven Singapore Instagram pages.

About 7-Eleven

Established in Singapore in 1983, 7-Eleven has since expanded to more than 400 stores island-wide to become the leading 24-hour convenience chain store. We take pride in serving the Singapore community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 7-Eleven emphasises convenience and value by offering a wide array of quality products, food and services to satisfy the needs of its customers. Think 7-Eleven and what comes to mind are the refreshing Slurpee, 7CAFÉ as well as a wide range of quality ready meals and sandwiches under 7-SELECT. 7-Eleven is also a 24/7 one-stop destination for customers who need to access bill payment services in their own time. Our services cover payment of utilities, courier services, and even cash withdrawal.

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