Kenya's New Digital Number Plates

The Government of Kenya on Tuesday launched new digital number plates that will eventually roll out to every motor vehicle owner in the18 months.

After a day of going through briefs, here’s everything we know about the new plates. Heavily popularized is the new inclusion of tech gadgets that will offer more security features to help in tracing car ownership.

Here are 8 ‘Tech’ Features on Kenya’s New Digital Number Plates

The new Number plates

Courtesy – The Star

  1. The new digital number plates feature microchip technology and several anti-counterfeit security features that will render them practically impossible to imitate.
  2. Motorists will have to part with Sh3,000 to acquire digitized motor-vehicle number plates
  3. The new-look digital plates have a new Fe Schrift font (forgery-impeding font), this is to avoid, modification
  4. The new monospaced letters and numbers improve machine readability, for example on the Expressway.
  5. The plates have unique and different serial numbers for rear and front plates that are linked to the vehicle’s chassis number and customized font.
  6. The smart plates, also store information such as year of manufacturer, type and color of vehicle, engine number, transmission type, date and place of manufacture, and insurance details.
  7. Unlike the old motor vehicle plates, which used to be painted, the new plates are embossed with the machines with the entire production process automated.
  8. Not so tech but, the new digital number plates also has a Kenyan flag with pictures of the Big Five — including the lion, elephant, and Rhino, Mt Kenya — which comes with the reflective sheet, a specially-imprinted national flag, hologram, and watermark.
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